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Here are some answers to common questions.

We loosely follow the worship service found in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship.  This worship service combines elements that go all the way back to the apostolic church with modern elements.  In this way, our worship connects the many generations of Christians.

Kids are welcome at all services!  Select services also have a Children's Church Service between the children's message and Communion.  This service includes arts, crafts, and allows children to engage with the message at level more appropriate for them.  

Of course, we are also blessed with a great school!  We can't include everything about the school here, but encourage you to check out the "School" tab at the top of the page!

If you're joining us for worship, we recommend parking in the lot next to Plantation Drive.  If you're visiting to check out the school or meet with the pastor or team, you'll probably want to park in the lot closest to Vine Street/192.

"As is the business of tailors to make clothes and cobblers to make shoes, so it is the business of Christians to pray."   - Martin Luther

There is no dress code.  You're welcome to wear anything from shorts and a t-shirt to a three-piece suit and everything in between! 

We're so happy that you're considering joining us more often!  You can fill out the new/visiting worshipper cards in the seat pockets.  You can also use any of the means on the Contact page at the top of our page to reach out.  However, it's probably best just to come and introduce yourself to others!  We're a welcoming congregation, and we look forward to meeting you!

This is a bit of a complex question, but we'd probably say that we believe what we say in The Apostle's Creed.  

Answer to consider (TB)

As Lutherans we believe that it is through....


We are saved not by our good deeds but by God's Grace alone.  "Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption this is in Christ Jesus" - Romans 3:24



Jesus was the substitute for all people of all time.  By His suffering and death, He purchased and won forgiveness and eternal life for us all.  God's word says that we are saved by grace through "faith in Christ Jesus and not by our own efforts or works" - Ephesians 2:8-9



We view the Bible as God's inerrant and infallible Word.  Through it, God reveals our frailty and need to be saved from our sins.  The scriptures are the only place that we look to truly expess our beliefs - not politics, traditions, or human reason.

Anyone who has accepted Christ and has received basic instruction in sharing in Communion is welcome.  The Body is shared as a small bread wafer.  The Blood is in small individual cups.  Gluten-free wafers and alcohol-free wine/juice are available.  If you're unable to come to the altar for Communion, let the usher know.  We'll bring Communion to you!

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It's never been easier to make your gift!  You can click here for some easy ways.  Offerings of cash and checks can be made during Communion by placing them in the plate on the altar.  

We also have many opportunities for you to share you gifts of time and talent with the church!  How would you like to help further our Great Commission?